Blast from the Past, Starring Darryl Stephens

Does anyone feel a draft? Actor Darryl Stephens certainly does, as he walks across a subway grate in my Marilyn-inspired Cheesecake Boy painting, Blast from the Past, Starring Darryl Stephens. This piece will be a part of my upcoming exhibit, CHEESECAKE, opening in June at the Center on Halsted in Chicago.

Limited edition 12" x 16" giclee prints are available HERE.

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Genny said…
Very cool! Love the detail. What could be better in life than painting and getting paid for it! I must know though, who's is the reflection in the window?
Paul Richmond said…
Ha - he's actually just a generic onlooker dude, like you would find in many of the old pin-up girl paintings. My friend Brian is convinced that it's him though, so we can go with that.

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