Say Cheese...Cake, Starring Mike Ruiz

Get ready for another heaping helping of Cheesecake. This time, it's photographer Mike Ruiz taking center stage as the latest wardrobe-malfunction victim for my upcoming exhibit at the Center on Halsted in June. I'm portraying gay celebrities in classic pin-up poses, an "exhibition of accidental exhibitionism," you could say...

Anyway, here it is: Say Cheese...Cake, Starring Mike Ruiz!

And if you'd like to take a closer look, here are a few detail shots:


That second detail shot is extra-classy, isn't it?

Say Cheese...Cake, Starring Mike Ruiz is available as a 12" x 16" limited-edition giclee print in my online store HERE. The original oil painting is also currently available. If interested, please contact me for details.

I have a whole slew of celebrity Cheesecake Boys in the works, so if this is your first time visiting my blog, scroll down for more. And if you'd like to receive my e-mail newsletter and have your Cheesecake delivered, sign up HERE


Anonymous said…
Really fantastic!

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