Flash of Gold, Starring Ari Gold

Hold onto your hats! Another intimate performance by pop musician Ari Gold is about to become even more revealing in my latest Cheesecake Boy painting. His bling-encrusted belt is no match for gravity in this pin-up scene that would surely make Marky Mark proud. Many thanks to Ari for his enthusiasm and reference photos.

Limited-edition giclee prints are available HERE. And here are a few detail shots:


Jesse Archer said…
Oh, I love it and so must Ari!!!
Genny said…
This is really a fun one! I love the lighting. You know Ricky Martin just came out so I'll be looking for his painting for your next Cheesecake show. Keep the posts coming!
Paul Richmond said…
Thanks Jesse! Ari did like it -- I'm so glad you helped us connect. And I'm just about finished with Alec Mapa. Cheesecake galore!
Paul Richmond said…
Thanks Genny, Ricky Martin would make a fantastic Cheesecake Boy -- I'm so on it! :)

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