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I finished a few more covers this week for Dreamspinner Press. Here's a peek:


Paul, thank you so much for the cover. Me and my friends (and co-writer, obviously) are over the moon with it. I'll have it printed on canvas and put it up in the study in the new house once we move - so just wanted to let you feel the love. It's amazing. (I'm currently doing the edits for the text which arrived yesterday). Looking at it - and I look at it a lot - I get all kinds of ideas for the sequel, and I guess I'll be begging Dreamspinner for another cover from you. :)
Paul Richmond said…
I'm so pleased that you're happy with the cover. It was a fascinating description and I was thrilled to get the opportunity. Likewise, when the sequel is ready, I would love to work with you again! Congrats on the novel. I'm looking forward to seeing it in print.
Violet said…
I just wanted to chime in with my own big "thank you" for crafting a gorgeous cover for my novella! It's my first published book, which makes it even more special. Thanks so much, Paul!
Paul Richmond said…
Hi Violet, thanks for writing - and you are SO welcome! Congratulations on the first of many!
Great! So we're set for the sequel(s). :)

Just in case I need a cover artist at some point (I have a couple things in the works that might), do you take commissions and how much do you charge for a cover? (Happy to discuss that on email - vashtan at gmail com).
Jan Irving said…
Paul, your cover for Lyn Gala's work is wonderful. She's a close friend of mine and that is her first book out. I'm so happy for her.

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